"Queen Kyaa Executes Joe by Castration" - A new fantasy video, where I play the evil queen of the Nile, decked out in gold in my transformational costume. I even have a black wig with snake head-dress! Find out how joe meets his end in this custom fantasy video.

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Princess Rene & Domme Kyaa Double Team Time

Princess Rene & Domme Kyaa Double Team Time! I’m Heading to Vegas soon!

In a little more than a week I’ll be in Las Vegas, staying with Princess Rene for more than a week of fun in the sun!

On the lake with Princess Rene. Start working yourself up for the bikini clips we are sure to film.

On the lake with Princess Rene last summer. Start working yourself up for the bikini clips we are sure to film.

I’ll spend the first 7 days of my trip with Princess Rene. We have plans to go on some outdoor adventures, so I’m bringing a pair of white sneakers I can get filthy and…

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"Butler Rewarded with Foot Worship"

Watch my owned and collared slave sniff and worship my bare feet!

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"Warrior Queen Brainwashes Her Opponents Into Submission"

A fantasy hypno video that will have you weaker than ever!

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Portrait by Sardax - Commissioned by Kyaasbard

Portrait by Sardax – Commissioned by Kyaasbard

Commissioned in secret by my bard, this portrait shows me lounging in front of “flexible monitors on a conveyor belt where admirers can glimpse you a moment, then pass by,” as stated by the artist… Sardax!

Goddess Kyaa - Portrait by Sardax

Goddess Kyaa – Portrait by Sardax

If you don’t about Sardax check out the wikipedia page on him:


Have a look at more of his gorgeous femdom fantasy art on his…

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Wearing a Pin-Up Dress on Cam Today!

Wearing a Pin-Up Dress on Cam Today!

04-17-2014 b04-17-2014 a04-17-2014 c04-17-2014 d04-17-2014 e

Once you pick your jaw up off the floor and wipe up the puddle of drool, call me.

Today, and for the rest of this week/weekend I’ll be taking calls via SinfulCall only. My NiteFlirt listings are temporarily down, but will be back soon. Until then you can reach me here:


If you have not yet heard of SinfulCall, it is a new website with a per-minute phone…

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"Give Me All Your Money, Daddy!" 

Sweet, bratty, cock-teasing manipulation with a taboo twist. I use the word “daddy” a lot, demand money and encourage you to stroke for me while I giggle and assure you that I won’t tell my mummy so long as you fork over the dough. I know you filthy perverts will fucking adore this clip.

On Kinkbomb: kinkbomb.com/p/give-me-all-your-money-daddy/130467

On Clips4Sale: clips4sale.com/23738/10947949

"Controlling Your Dick in My Ballerina Outfit" is a hot new JOI that will put you through your paces. Can you follow my edging instructions and make it to the cum countdown while I tease you with my cute ballerina outfit?

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Kyaaists, kneel and pray…. “Pray for Mercy from A Sadistic Goddess!”

Buy this intense worship video now:

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"Spanking Rexi West" is a 26 minute long lezdom spanking compilation that’s so hot it made my panties wet every time I worked on it during the editing process. Just look at these screenshots and the GIF and you’ll see why. It’s scenes from 8 different clips, 26 full minutes and just $12.99 in 720p HD, it’s a fucking deal and a half. Enjoy, pervs!

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On Kinkbomb: kinkbomb.com/p/spanking-rexi-west-compilation

Do you love watching me spank her as much as I love spanking her?

Are you a sissy who likes to dress up and try to be pretty like me? Well, sorry to have to break it too you, but you’ll NEVER be as pretty as I am, and you’ll NEVER look THIS good in lingerie!

Buy this clip to be teased and humiliated by me. I’m wearing cute lingerie and I show off how damn good I look while making fun of what an ugly sissy you are… Enjoy!

Kinkbomb: kinkbomb.com/p/sissy-youll-never-look-this-good-in-lingerie/129843

Clips4Sale: clips4sale.com/23738/10905169

At the end of this new JOI video I count you down to your final orgasm for 365 days! One last powerful orgasm to remind you what it was like to cum, since you will spend the next year suffering in denial…

"Countdown to 365 Days of Denial"

On Clips4Sale: clips4sale.com/23738/10897461

On Kinkbomb: kinkbomb.com/p/countdown-to-365-days-of-denial

Can you even imagine going 365 days without cumming?

Clip Addict Contest Prizes

Clip Addict Contest Prizes

In February I had a contest for my Kinkbomb clip addicts. There were 3 potential winners. Guess how many of you perverts formally entered the contest? Just 3. So all 3 of the obedient subbies who actually entered the contest are winning epic prizes.

All 3 packages, with the many goodies I put together for the winners.

All 3 packages, with the many goodies I put together for the winners.

Read all about the contest: http://goddesskyaa.com/2014/01/30/announcing-februa…

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New orgasm denial video, custom made for my slave Kyaasbard! For the next year he will live in denial, no orgasms! Each month he’ll get an encouragement clip which will help him in his moments of desperation.

This is the 1st orgasm denial encouragement video for Kyaasbard!

Buy it on Kinkbomb: kinkbomb.com/p/kyaasbards-year-of-denial-encouragement-clip-1

Buy it on Clips4Sale: clips4sale.com/23738/10894083

My last orgasm

Domme Kyaa:

My slave Kyaasbard is undertaking a huge sacrifice for me, a full year of orgasm denial! Read all about his last orgasm…

Originally posted on Kyaas_bard:

Her pleasure is Everything

Her pleasure is Everything

It is almost 18.30 on the day before my year of denial for The Glory of the Divine Living God Kyaa begins, as i write this i am about to prepare for my last act of self serving pleasure, my last orgasm.

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