M.I.A. Goddess

As many of you may have noticed I’ve been rather M.I.A. for the last month or so… well, I’m not quite ready to share why exactly yet, but I’ll give you some information so you poor things aren’t confused and scared, wondering where your Goddess has gone.

A day or two after arriving home from FetCon in mid-August I had some unexpected personal stuff come up that has since kept me away from my…

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Braless Breast Worship In My Purple Hippy Dress

With the bright blue sky and green trees behind me, wearing nothing but a thin purple cotton hippy dress, my long blonde hair glowing in the afternoon sunlight, I am a naturally perfect Goddess. In this clip I’ll let you worship my breasts. Of course, you don’t get to see them bare, but in their natural state they are so beautiful you will be drooling all over your keyboard at home…

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Manipulated by Ass

My ass is so perfect, so completely fucking divine, that I will easily manipulate you into giving me all the information I need to turn your weakness for my butt into a full-on life-destroying addiction…

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Goddess of Storms

Tremble in fear, try as you may to seek shelter there is no where you can hide. For I am the Goddess of Storms, the Caller of Wind and Bringer of Rain… I will rock you like a hurricane, little boy… The total clip isn’t even 5 minutes, but the effect of the very real tropical storm is intense. Highly recommended! One of my favorite videos, but that’s mostly because I love playing in the rain…

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Turning My Nosey Neighbor Into My Foot Licking Puppy

As I relax in my bikini next to the pool in my new back yard I am surprised to spot a pervy neighbor spying on me. With a smile I wave him over and he eagerly comes out of hiding. Mistaking my smile for friendliness, blind to the predatory glint in my blue eyes, he approaches…

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Flat Ironing My Long Blonde Locks

More than 6 minutes of watching me flat iron my hair, but really you’ll be drooling over my bubble butt in my cute polka-dot panties. Hair fetishists will love learning how I style my hair and watching me pull the flat iron over my long locks over and over. Everyone else will love watching my cute ass while…

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Webcam & Filming Schedule for Aug. 20 - 24

Webcam & Filming Schedule for Aug. 20 – 24

After weeks traveling I’m going to be in the studio this week! While I’ll be busy filming custom videos and preparing for my move* I will also be available for webcam sessions Wednesday through Sunday of this week and again Wednesday through Sunday of next week.

It’s time to spend some time having your dicklet trained, worshiping in submission, falling deep into my hypnotic spell and spoiling me…

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What These Boots Were Made For

At first glance you might not think “Those boots were made to walk in.” and that’s because they were not made for actually walking very far. These a fetish boots, with extreme stilettos that take expert skill to wear with confidence the way I do… Find out why a sadistic dominant woman like me might want to wear a pair of leather over the knee boots with spiked steel stiletto heels when you…

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How Many Clothespins?

I wonder… how many clothespins I fit on my slave sissybot’s cock and balls? When I ask him he says “12” but I am sure I can fit many more. Find out what the result is in this new domination video full of CBT and clothespins torment! Hint: It’s a lot!

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More Clips!

How big is your collection? It doesn’t really matter if this is your first clip or if you have hard drives full of my videos, you need more. All it takes is one, just that initial moment of curiosity and you’re hooked.

You bitches already know what to do…

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Applying Lotion Before Bedtime

It shouldn’t surprise you to know that I take good care of my body, especially my silky skin. So before I go to bed every night I slather myself in moisturizing lotion. Watch me massage lotion into my feet, legs and ass in this intimate little tease video.

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Who’s Wearing the Pants Now

To show how I’ve transformed my newest slaveboy into a total sissy I made this special little video, with my sissy in fishnet stockings and a poofy skirt, while I don a pair of tight blue jeans and a white halter top. I make sissybot confess how much he loves being my sissy. I make him tell you how he used to date girls, pretty girls, girls he would get to fuck and even dominate in bed. I make him confess how he once thought of himself as an alpha male, a man. But he’s not a man anymore…

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Golden Queen Kyaa

Bow before me, the Golden Queen Kyaa. My beauty is radiant and my power reaches the furthest edges of my vast empire. All subjects must worship and obey me, for I am the Golden Queen Kyaa. I reign supreme over every pathetic male in the land!

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Face Sitting & Foot Worship

My slave craves my pussy, but even dreaming of my naked pussy is a sin for my pathetic male slave. So I’ll make sure he understands that no matter how close he gets, even if I sit on his face, he will not get my pussy. Instead I’ll smack his balls without mercy and slap his cock while I crush his face under my ass. Smothering him and busting his balls then…

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Wife Goes Lesbian for Goddess Kyaa

While away on a business trip you receive a video from your beautiful and loving wife, T. Recently you’ve been in marriage counseling because your gorgeous wife isn’t happy or satisfied, so at while you’re shocked to see your wife in the arms of a young blonde seductress…The giggling vixen in lingerie fondles your naked wife, playing gently with her breasts as she kisses your wife’s neck, as your wife explains her new-found love for pussy and lesbian sex. Your dear wife is going to cuckold you from now on and her new lover is…

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