"Give Me All Your Money, Daddy!" 

Sweet, bratty, cock-teasing manipulation with a taboo twist. I use the word “daddy” a lot, demand money and encourage you to stroke for me while I giggle and assure you that I won’t tell my mummy so long as you fork over the dough. I know you filthy perverts will fucking adore this clip.

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"Controlling Your Dick in My Ballerina Outfit" is a hot new JOI that will put you through your paces. Can you follow my edging instructions and make it to the cum countdown while I tease you with my cute ballerina outfit?

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Kyaaists, kneel and pray…. “Pray for Mercy from A Sadistic Goddess!”

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"Spanking Rexi West" is a 26 minute long lezdom spanking compilation that’s so hot it made my panties wet every time I worked on it during the editing process. Just look at these screenshots and the GIF and you’ll see why. It’s scenes from 8 different clips, 26 full minutes and just $12.99 in 720p HD, it’s a fucking deal and a half. Enjoy, pervs!

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Do you love watching me spank her as much as I love spanking her?

Are you a sissy who likes to dress up and try to be pretty like me? Well, sorry to have to break it too you, but you’ll NEVER be as pretty as I am, and you’ll NEVER look THIS good in lingerie!

Buy this clip to be teased and humiliated by me. I’m wearing cute lingerie and I show off how damn good I look while making fun of what an ugly sissy you are… Enjoy!

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At the end of this new JOI video I count you down to your final orgasm for 365 days! One last powerful orgasm to remind you what it was like to cum, since you will spend the next year suffering in denial…

"Countdown to 365 Days of Denial"

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Can you even imagine going 365 days without cumming?

Clip Addict Contest Prizes

Clip Addict Contest Prizes

In February I had a contest for my Kinkbomb clip addicts. There were 3 potential winners. Guess how many of you perverts formally entered the contest? Just 3. So all 3 of the obedient subbies who actually entered the contest are winning epic prizes.

All 3 packages, with the many goodies I put together for the winners.

All 3 packages, with the many goodies I put together for the winners.

Read all about the contest: http://goddesskyaa.com/2014/01/30/announcing-februa…

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New orgasm denial video, custom made for my slave Kyaasbard! For the next year he will live in denial, no orgasms! Each month he’ll get an encouragement clip which will help him in his moments of desperation.

This is the 1st orgasm denial encouragement video for Kyaasbard!

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My last orgasm

Domme Kyaa:

My slave Kyaasbard is undertaking a huge sacrifice for me, a full year of orgasm denial! Read all about his last orgasm…

Originally posted on Kyaas_bard:

Her pleasure is Everything

Her pleasure is Everything

It is almost 18.30 on the day before my year of denial for The Glory of the Divine Living God Kyaa begins, as i write this i am about to prepare for my last act of self serving pleasure, my last orgasm.

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Humiliation OVERLOAD

“Humiliation OVERLOAD” is not an average humiliation fetish video. Featuring the vivacious Shauna Ryane, my bratty sister Princess Nyx and in the middle of these two beauties, me. If the cast of this clip isn’t enough to make humiliation junkies heart race the audio in the preview video below will.

It’s difficult to describe why it is such a powerful mindfuck, So I created this preview video.…

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I am the Warrior Queen in this hot new custom fantasy video, now available to any horny pervert that would like to see me in this kick-ass costume.

"Warrior Queen Kyaa Defeats Her Enemies Using Only Her Feet"

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mestral-adeona asked: Whut-up Empress Kyaa... i am a fan & happy to see you on tumblr! i made several "Tribute Mixtapes" combining industrial drone fetish music & witch house-type genres with "samples" of your voice. (many moons ago i was a record producer of some merit). If you felt like it - you could sell the mixtapes on your website & keep whatever proceeds came of it. This morning i gave Princess Rene her mixtape & also Ceara Lynch got hers. Probably it would be easier to send you an email if that's ok...

Yes, it would be appropriate to email me about this.

Anonymous asked: Greetings Goddess Kyaa. I was wondering, do you speak any other languages (fluently or partially)? If so, do you ever, or have you ever, considered filming a clip or clips in another language? Thank you.

Once I spoke conversational Thai, but that was years ago. I’d butcher it now. Unless I took classes or was practicing to become fluent in a language (something on my “to do one day” list) I’d be unlikely to attempt speaking anything other than English in a video. 

intolerantofintolerance asked: I'm confused and intrigued. What have I stumbled upon gold???

More than a few would say “yes.”

"The Sadistic Sisters Taunt Sissysplosh for Looking at Porn" is today’s new video! Featuring Princess Nyx and I in our PJs, humiliating my sissy slave for his love of transexual cock, it will teach you how to deep throat dicks so you can be our pimped out whore.

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